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Why am I in the Save Pechora Committee
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Why am I in the Save Pechora Committee  
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Save Pechora Committee has worked for almost twenty five years and there was no paid staff among dozens of residents of Pechora. All of them have worked there because of their own decision. These people are the people who represent their native areas and villages and who were appointed for this hard and responsible work by the conference of Pechora residents. Of course, some of activists have left our movement; some have moved away from the republic, some, unfortunately, left our world ahead of time. But the core of our committee remains the same since 1989. It has been such a center for unity and attraction of new members.
But what made the Committee members give all their free time and all their energy for the work of the organization? Indeed, these people are different age and have different nationalities, and, moreover, they have different political views. Which motives do people go by? The answer to these questions is best represented by the answers of our members to the following question: Why are you a part of the Save Pechora Committee?

Nikolay BRATENKOV (Izhma)
Why do I participate in The Save Pechora Committee? I have been working as a chairman of the Nature Protection Committee of Izhma area since establishment of the State Committee of Nature. I was assured that it was not possible to achieve any results in nature conservation even in my position. That is why I have become one of the organizers of the Pechora Public Ecological Movement. In the first conference of the Movemen I have been elected a chairperson of the Committee. It did not take a lot of time for me to realize that having our own newspaper and our representetives from the local people in each region and town of the Pechora area is a kind of power that can help us solve serious ecological problems of the whole Pechora basin.
In 1992 the regional referendum was held, and the following issues were discussed:
1) Removing the wirecloth in the Kuiskaya ladein in Pechora outflow where a state illegal salmons capturing was presented as a research of salmon;
2) Nuclear explosions cessation in Novaya Zemlya;
3) The moratorium for the nuclear plant building in Inta;
4) Establishing of project boarders of Yugyd-Va National Park;
After this, our public movement achieved some results. The decision we made were handed over to the government of Komi Republic after which our solutions were considered in Supreme Council of the Republic.
Thanks to the work of the Committee, alloy of wood was stopped in Izhma River therefore the villages on Izhma became cleaner. So, Im sure that even in the current political situation it is possible to do something useful. That is why I am in The Save Pechora Committee.

Nadezhda DAVYDOVA (Pechora)
Our North nature is strikingly beautiful but at the same it is very fragile. Unfortunately, our civilization and its development lead the planet to destruction. Absence of environmental awareness and human greed are the causes of the biodiversity extinction and environmental pollution. I believe that each of us should do our best to save the nature. That is why I am here!
I admire that people who work in the Committee are very honest and have their own strong life position. The word motherland to them is full of meaning. They are my friends and we all like-minded people. I am sure we are making this world better and cleaner.

Ivan IVANOV (Nizhny Odes, Sosnogorsk area)
One day I realized that if we make mistakes, the future generation will have to pay for it. But I believe that the next generation deserves the least disturbed nature.
Also, I understood that there are no people who can protect the nature in the area where I live. In the Committee I met like-minded people. Therefore I am here and I am going to protect the environment.

Tamara MAKAROVA (Nizhny Odes, Sosnogorsk area)
I have become a green because of my personal interest. In Sosnogorsk, where I lived in the 80th, there was a smoke from a soot plant in the sky. Soot in snow was irritating everyone, even the ones who did not understand that it was destructive to the health. As there was no green movement in the town, I took part in establishment of one. This is how the club Ecos was founded.
Soon, Aleksey Terentiev had noticed our work and sent me a letter. This is how I found out about the Committee. More than twenty years has past since that moment. By now, I got acquainted with majority of the Committee participants. Many of them have really become dear friends that I can rely on. These people together can achieve enourmous results by supporting each other. Needless to say, that it is impossible for one person to achieve any results in environmental sphere. So, I am proud that I am a part of one of the oldest environmental non-governmental organizations of the Komi Republic.

Valentina SEMYASHKINA (Pechora - Syktyvkar)
Have you ever seen a river on fire or a river covered with thick oil layer? These sceneries were observed by the residents of the Kolva village for many times with an ache in their hearts. I have also seen it. Indeed, oil companies with connivance of the local authorities have been destroying the Kolva River for the last forty years. And it is not only about the Kolva!
Nature-oriented legislation is being broken all over the country. It seems that there are no options for solving the situation besides via public organizations, which would reveal true information about currentt situation, public control, civil opposition That is why I am in The Save Pechora Committee.
Moreover, I do not want to betray my motherland. I do not want to feel such a guinea pig that does not have a voice and can not protect itself.
Im in the Committee for almost a quarter of the century. For me it is the union of my like-minded friends who are genuine and honest and, in addition to, they think about others. Some of them are not with us anymore but they have given our Committee a lot of energy, time, and a part of their soul. They taught me to be courageous and brave. I will not betray their memory. That is why, I still work here.

Albina DANEVICH (the Kolva village, Usinsk area)
Barefooted childhood. Hot summer. I was swimming in a clear water of the Shchugor River mouth. My hair raveled in culms of white lily. There were a lot of flowers. Lilys culms were crawling along the river bank, on the ground, rather in water. I was walking down one of the village streets, embracing the flowers and crying. Being a little girl I just did not know what to do with flowers that faded. Now I am trying to teach my grandsons that the nature do not forgive silly and cruel actions.
The Kolva Village in 1994. There was knee-high oil in the river. Viktor Polshvedkin, who unfortunately has left us, and Valentina Semyashkina, a chairperson of The Save Pechora Committee, managed to draw foreign colleagues attention to this terrible situation. With a delay the oil companies started to pump the oil from the river.
Almost twenty years have passed by. As earlier, V. Semyashkina is among the defenders of Pechora area and its dwellers. With the coordination of so wise, uncompromising, and courageous people as V. Semyashkina, N. Davydova, I. Ivanov and others, I am ready to defend our nature and interests of my villagers for the rest of my life.

Ekaterina DYACHKOVA (the Novikbozh village, Usinsk area)
I live in the village on the Pechora River and I am going to live here for all my life. Thata is why, I try to advocate the right for life here. We want to live in the clean environment and to not feel the impact of the oil companies. We want to keep our traditions, pure nature and we simply want to live. That is why I am in this Committee.
I want my villagers were active, literate, and brave to be able to advocate their rights. I am sure that organizations like the Committee help rural habitants to develop.
My dream is to open a tourist center to show visitors our village, as an example of ecologically pure world where a person lives in harmony with nature. Also, we can show the guests our culture and the way of life that have been forming for a long time, and, of course, we can demonstrate our traditional food and courses. We cannot be ourselves without nature as it is a foundation of all our being. That is why, I will do my best to protect the environment.

Save Pechora Committee
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