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Abandon all hope, ye who enter here, or just another day in Komi.
[9 2018. 00:39]
Lukoil, of course, can build a dozen more churches, but does this compensate for the killed local flora and fauna?
Seismic exploration consequences for rural settlements of Usinsk region
In Usinsk fish smells like diesel
[17 2018. 15:50]
Oil companies dont care to inform local people if emissions/an oil leakage have occurred. Because the fines are so small, they often ignore clean up because it s more profitable to pay the fine than to replace the pipes. Often, it is the locals themselves who end up responsible for the remediation, said Valentina Semyashkina of the Save Pechora River environmental organization, which since 1989 has worked to pay attention to the emissions in the region
Our native lands are being transformed into an industrial area
[16 2018. 13:16]
The protest meeting against exterminative deforestation in the floodplain of the Pechora river, oil contamination of rivers and air pollution by a license-holder OOO Lukoil - Komi as well as against attempts of the local authorities to abolish obligation to learn national Komi language took place in the village Novikbozh, Usinsk District, on the 11th of March.
Novaya Zemlya: a sad true story
[1 2017. 19:50]
The story of the Soviet past and the absence of future of the whole Island, where because of nuclear testing, life was ruined
Save Pechora Committee demands to stop the exploitation of oil wells in the Alabushin oil field site by Lukoil-Komi
[19 2017. 10:13]
It has already been several days of unsuccessful efforts to cease the fire at oil wells of the Alabushin oil field site in the Usinsk municipal district of the Komi Republic. Save Pechora Committee has analysed the situation and directed relevant appeals to the Head of the Komi Republic, to the Prosecutor of the Komi Republic and the regional department of the Rosprirodnadzor.
Save Pechora Committee
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