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Отстоим Шиес - НЕТ полигонам московского мусора на Севере!
Abandon all hope, ye who enter here, or just another day in Komi.
Abandon all hope, ye who enter here, or just another day in Komi.  
[9 сентября 2018г. в 00:39]

Lukoil-Komi violated another promise given to local residents. A seismic survey has been conducted in village of Ust’-Usa and village of Novikbozh.
Previously, representatives of Lukoil declared that the works will be carried out on this territory only in winter, so the negative impact on soils and plants under snow can be avoided. This was reported in an official letter dated November 30, 2017.

Now, the village Kushshor is the next one. Population in Kushshor is small. These are local residents who are not going to leave their native lands. In 2010, there were 29 people living in the village. In 2018, there only 16 left. For Lukoil, 16 people certainly mean nothing, and their existence is not going to prevent the company to continue its work at the usual pace…at the pace of planned exploitation of the entire living territory of the Komi Republic.
An activist of the Save Pechora Committee, Nikolai Ivanovich Fyodorov, visited the sites where the seismic surveys takes place and collected data from local residents.

Here are his observations:

1.09 - blasts during all night on the side of the river
3.09 - blasts from 00:00 on the field
3.09 - 06.55 blasts on the side of the river. 42 blasts with a periodicity of 6 seconds
4.09 - 06.50 2 blasts on the side of the river with an interval of 10 seconds
5.09 - 02.50 2 blasts with an interval of 5 seconds

Complaints of local residents:
- Blasts during night time
- Disturbed wild animals (bears go out to the village, despite plenty of berries in the forest)
- Cut trees left in the forest make the paths impassable
- Conflicts of local residents with drunken seismic surveyors
- Roads damaged by heavy machinery, moss and young vegetation torn.

Based on these data, it can be concluded that Lukoil-Komi did nothing new. Everything is just ‘as usual’, despite the ‘obstacles’. By the obstacles, we mean life and health of people, the integrity of natural areas and the agreements made in official documents.
We see a very clear trend: there are no borders for Lukoil, because it is almost impossible to call the company to account.
But we do not give up a hope of being heard.
Therefore, the Save Pechora Committee sent a grievance to the Minister of Natural Resources of the Republic of Komi, R. Polshvedkin, but there is certainty that by the time of control, the equipment will already be in Kushshor.

The Committee also appealed to the General Director of OOO “LUKOIL-Komi”, A. Golovanev, with the demands to provide a program of environmental control during the seismic survey and to explain the broken promises and violations of environmental legislation.

We continue to examine this situation and will publish updates.

Ivan Ivanov, Daria Gorchakova
Photo and video - Ilya Philippov.

Save Pechora Committee
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