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Give us the Ministry of Environment back!
[2 ноября 2016г. в 14:25]
These words are addressed to the recently elected Head of the Komi Republic, who 17 October 2016 eliminated the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Komi Republic. Nina Ananine, the leader of NGO «Ecologists of Komi», stood up in a solo protest near «the Yellow House» - the Administration of the Head of the Komi Republic.
[10 сентября 2013г. в 21:58]
Save Pechora committee is a non-governmental organization working in the Basin of the Pechora River (the Komi Republic, Russia).
Why am I in the Save Pechora Committee
[10 сентября 2013г. в 00:23]
Save Pechora Committee has worked for almost twenty five years and there was no paid staff among dozens of residents of Pechora. All of them have worked there because of their own decision. These people are the people who represent their native areas and villages and who were “appointed” for this hard and responsible work by the conference of Pechora residents. Of course, some of activists have left our movement; some have moved away from the republic, some, unfortunately, left our world ahead of time. But the core of our committee remains the same since 1989. It has been such a center for unity and attraction of new members.
But what made the Committee members give all their free time and all their energy for the work of the organization? Indeed, these people are different age and have different nationalities, and, moreover, they have different political views. Which motives do people go by? The answer to these questions is best represented by the answers of our members to the following question: “Why are you a part of the Save Pechora Committee?”
Save Pechora Committee
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